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Below you will find information on Alberta's economy and other important facets of life in Alberta.

General Stats

As of April 2011, Alberta’s population was 3,758,234, which represented a growth of 1.5% over the previous year. Alberta residents enjoy high personal incomes plus the lowest income taxes and sales taxes in Canada. In fact, Alberta is the only province with no provincial sales tax, leaving only the 5% federal GST applicable to eligible purchases in the province.  Affordable housing and excellent government-funded health care and education keep the basic cost of living in Alberta relatively low. The last federal census showed that the average Albertan household income was $83,560. For more specific information relating to the statistics of Alberta, visit the Statistics Canada website  (view stats). For additional housing statistics take a look at this document .

Alberta has a first rate education system, encompassing public, separate and private schooling institutions. Residents have a wide array of educational options, including both secular and non secular programming. In addition, there are huge selections of language immersion schools available in the urban centers. Alberta has embarked on a ground breaking philosophical shift in the past two years, committing an inclusive education to all students. This ultimately means that every student in Alberta is guaranteed an equal education to his or her peers, regardless of mental/physical/emotional challenge.   For more information on Alberta schools visit http://education.alberta.ca/. If it is university or college you are considering for your children, Alberta contains world class post-secondary institutions (view college list , view university list ), that provide educational opportunities that are equal to that of any major educational center.


There is no shortage of incredible sights to see in Alberta. Natural wonders await you at every turn – the Canadian Badlands in the southeast; the Aurora Borealis in the north; ancient glaciers perched atop the Great Divide and turquoise alpine lakes in our Canadian Rocky Mountains to the west; rolling prairies and boreal forests; and more species of birds and wildlife than could be counted.

Historic marvels exist aplenty in the archaeological bounty of Alberta. Explore Plains Indian rock art that is older than Stonehenge by thousands of years or visit dinosaur country and learn about the great beasts that walked this earth some 70 million years ago. Visitors and residents to Alberta alike can explore the wonder of the historical riches throughout the province in a variety of means. Alberta’s wide open spaces allow travel in a number of methods, including air, rail and automobile. The vibrant art and cultural scene is second to none, with Alberta’s capital city Edmonton, boasting the title “Alberta’s Festival City”. There are many social events with great historical and social significance that take place annually, including the Calgary Stampede, the Edmonton Capital EX, and dozens of smaller events throughout the province. No matter where you find yourself in Alberta, there is always something to do!

To learn more about Alberta Travel head on over to the Travel Alberta website.


Alberta has a rich and storied sport history. In addition to the Winter Olympics, the World Track & Field Games, and the Commonwealth Games, Alberta has also hosted the Heritage Classic hockey game, multiple Grey Cup and Stanley Cup finals, the Edmonton Indy and many more very exciting sporting events.

The province is home to many professional and amateur sports teams, featuring a team for virtually every sport played or a team to join for amateur participation. With two professional ice hockey teams, two professional football teams, two professional baseball teams and several amateur sports teams, there is never a shortage of sporting events to watch or attend.

For the college level sports fan, with three major Universities and multiple colleges in Alberta, the province offers a selection of competitive collegiate sports. For more information visit: http://www.cis-sic.ca/splash/index.

Arts & Entertainment

Alberta is renowned for world class arts and entertainment. Music and culture are an essential part of Alberta’s social fabric. There are countless festivals, and top notch musical, arts and events in Alberta throughout the year. One of the best features in Alberta’s A&E community is the huge variety of musical and cultural festivals that take place in the summer months. These include: Folk Music Festival , Jazz Festival , Heritage Days, Fringe Festival, Street Performers Festival, Capital Ex, Calgary Stampede , and the Big Valley Jamboree  to name only a few. For a complete calendar of festival events in Alberta please visit: http://www.edmonton.com/for-visitors/festival-calendar.aspx.

In addition to the many seasonal festivals throughout Alberta, there are several other locations province wide that provide ample opportunity for a variety of activities. The following links showcase a few: Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, the Art Gallery of Alberta, Telus World of Science, Alberta Ballet, Citadel Theatre, Winspear Center, Royal Alberta Museum, Muttart Conservatory.

Alberta offers a great spectrum of several social clubs, offering membership in a variety of contexts. Whether potential members are interested in curling, equestria, socio-cultural connection, canine/feline breeding, motorcycling or rock climbing, to name but a few options, Alberta has the club for you! Because golf is an area that Alberta offers a tremendous wealth of options in, avid golfers will be interested to know that there are over 300 golf courses to choose from. With both public and private clubs to choose from, golfers can explore a diverse assortment of clubs, including Jack Nicklaus’ Northern Bear Golf Club.

With the Rocky Mountains only a few hours drive away from any point in Alberta, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, camping and fishing in our Canadian Rockies is second to none. Lake Louise, Sunshine, Norquay, Nakiska, Castle Mountain and Marmot – the Big Six mountain resorts open early—usually by November—and provide thrills on the hills well into April. Whether you are an experienced black diamond skiier, or a first time camper, there are countless adventures to be had in the mountains. Federal and provincial campsites provide locations throughout the province, both in and out of the Rockies.

For the avid shopper, Edmonton (the capital city) may interest you because it is the home of one of the largest malls in the world. To find out more about it check out their website. Alberta is home to most major retailers, and offers a large outlet mall just outside of Calgary.